Hi I’m bear…….let me take you on a lil journey to my world of empathy for inanimate or non-human objects. I from a young age gave my active imagination the breadth and depth it needed to form rigid bonds with a variety of questionable philosophies. The most part is my daily dedication to OCD and its virtual imprisonment of any normality I dare to seek! I have spent considerable time and efforts worrying about consequences for my actions, devising strategies and plans to ensure life runs smoothly. I do not care for the daily worries of bills, food and economy in general, but concentrate solely on the hidden feelings of inanimate objects. Far cry you say, from the real world but stop for a lil while and think about anthropomorphic tendency’s and their part in our lives……we presume our pets, toys, cars, desks, computers, shoes, phones, and other random (each to their own) possessions have thoughts and feelings and we give ample feeling, efforts, and empathy to their thoughts as we would another human or more so a child. We are compelled as individuals to have choice, we choose to accept or not, the way we think, act, and devise our lives and the complicated routines amongst them, I for one seek the comfort of inanimate objects to show their worth……I see, feel and admire their place in our society, and have ultimate respect for their grandeur in public settings. Rails to me are a functional, occupational, often beautiful contribution to our city’s urban architecture, yet they are often miss used, tired, abused, incorrectly placed, inadequately maintained and damn right depressed ( bless em )!!!! It has long puzzled me how we as humans function…….we grow from young to old developing life skills making and learning from mistakes and constantly learning. We manufacture beautiful visual creations publicly and have ancient crafts to call upon passed down through generations, care is taken often over years to perfect pieces with ones skill, to create amazing aesthetic results. Yet we find them neglected constantly, the street furniture that spent hours beneath the caring caress of a skilled tradesman is now neglected, unkempt and tired. Amazing how often the reverse is true? We as humans have the capacity to reproduce almost immediately without the need often for courtship or long term relations………thus we find children born illegitimately after one meeting which is often less than a few hours, not knowing their creator, superior craftsman, or caress of skill. It amazed me through all three of my pregnancy’s that I did not have to create my master pieces, I could go about my daily routine and mould, form, caress, and formulate them by just eating drinking and sleeping? I did not have any control over the specifics, we didn’t plan the brains architecture, blue print the lungs…..it just happened cause a group of chromosomes worked together to feed from my resources. Now here’s the bit where I get confused…..we can produce a human being within hours even minutes!!! With no real skill needed to nurture it to term, yet as a species we spend the largest amount of time in years, looking after and nurturing our heirs. So why is it we can put enormous skill and work, often over months and years, into the manufacture of urban fixings, hand rearing, developing, caressing, and perfecting them, only to Abandon them to years of weather, torment and miss use? My empathy runs deeper than just the visual scars they bear, but with their feelings too. I have recorded the sounds if rails with a contact mic and heard the haunting torment first hand!!! Hope you enjoy my recent work on empathy, and my bordering with creativity and that there madness!!!! Bear over and out…….for now! Siannarra x


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