The Big Art Debate

The Great Art Debate

Thursday 3 October 2013, 12.30pm – 1.30pm

Join Chris Ganley Learning Coordinator, ARTIST ROOMS, Tate and National Galleries of Scotland, Rob Moore, Visual Artist, young photographer Hannah Rogerson and Liz Kay from the Future Ferens* for a lively and informal discussion about contemporary art.

Please bring along your questions for the panel.

*The Future Ferens are a group of young volunteers age 18- 25 who undertake project work to make the gallery more accessible and attractive to younger audiences.

Martin Creed, Work No. 890 DON’T WORRY, 2008, Yellow neon
© Martin Creed
ARTIST ROOMS Presented by the artist jointly to National Galleries of Scotland and Tate and acquired with assistance of the ARTIST ROOMS Endowment, supported by the Henry Moore Foundation and Tate Members 2011.


Who to contact

Hull Museums
01482 300 300


Venue name:
Ferens Art Gallery
01482 300 300
01482 613 710

Get directions to HU1 3RA


The atmosphere was damp, the panel in question where inappropriate deemed by public opinion.  The debate started with the incorrect reference to Constables, haywain and followed its blueprint of poor evidence and construct throughout.  We where initially pleased to have with us the co-ordinator and ideaily well prepared Chris Ganley Learning Coordinator, ARTIST ROOMS, Tate and National Galleries of Scotland, alas the nods in the correct places, agreement of other panel members comments and leaving early to catch his train saw him leave with little respect and a black cross from myself as well as others.  The debate only began to heat up in the last ten minutes of the allocated time frame, and that was only because the subject had been forcefully changed into a far more debatable subject matter, with the challenge to the panelists becoming increasingly clear and the frustration of myself and my peers.

All in all i think that the whole franchise was poorly managed, researched and executed, and if not for the smart comments from audiable participants there would be little to praise.

Mr Creeds work as always was questionable, cohierant and visually engaging the highlight of the afternoon and our hopeful meander to change in the wake of Hull’s 2017 city of culture bid.




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