Curation at its best.

The finest works produced, along with the artists themselves are the forefront of contemporary art in Britain today, we have seen in the last few decades the rise of some extraordinary talent,  amongst them are my personal choices.

The YBA (young British Artists) where established at the Slade school of art in the late 1980’s and spilled over to dominate the 90’s and really show the world that London where in the running internationally, and could also produce the ingredients to produce winners of the Turner prize and awards alike.  The work was platformed essentially by the strong brotherly bond of master antrepenuers Charles and Maurice Saatchi.  Setting up his gallery @Lissson in London 1969 he began to buy and curate the works of Sol Le Wit and soon purchased and opened the Saatchi gallery St Johns Wood LDN 1985.  The acclaimed Freeze exhibition set free the angst of the ankle biting YBA’s and we saw the forefront of modern curation with minimal funding caps.  The Saatchi online shows clear and concise how the blueprint of success breads from hard work and correct artist choice and above all placement.

There is much to be said for the work of the modern curator with the ever changing choices of medium and subject matter brought forefront by artists and art councils worldwide, its essentially the semantic organization and analysis of objects, exploring anitation  , reasoning and public/social opinions.

curate2vb (Fine Arts & Visual Arts / Art Terms) (tr) to be in charge of (an art exhibition or museum)

curator [kjʊəˈreɪtə]


1. the administrative head of a museum, art gallery, or similar institution
2. (Law) Law chiefly Scots a guardian of a minor, mentally ill person, etc.

[from Latin: one who cares, from cūrāre to care for, from cūra care]
curatorial  [ˌkjʊərəˈtɔːrɪəl] adj
curatorship  n  
Helpful reference

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