Emily Longhorn.

Curating the work of one of my peers was if anything, a very easy choice.  In my first year of my fine arts degree we had a regular visitor to our studio space in the form of flighty 3D degree student Emily Longhorn.  We would share common interests, bounce



fig1. everything & nothing.  Emily Longhorn 2013.

ideas and pay interest to each others progress in the workshop.  By the late spring Emily was well on the way to completing her final degree piece “Everything & Nothing”, I had personally tracked the progress of this project and when possible looked on as Emily showed her extensive talents for the penchant of 3D arts.

The piece shown above is a veneered cube,  14cm2. It is of specific and passionate taste balancing on one of its eighth corners to sit junxtapose to the laws of common gravity.  From its exterior stance you can just about make out the small tubes of clear acrylic that rest within the polished veneer surfaces all six of them unique and of assured placement, the item draws you with its polished performance at distance before enticing your visual senses to inspect it more thoroughly. Now for the interesting part of this work…… ,the sliced corner in which it sits has a pea sized hole and if held in your hands correctly can be peered into, the view is extraordinary and on first inspection takes your breath away for it appears to be the infinite universe trapped in a kind of Pandora’s box.  You are transported immediately to the light speed of time, and the vision of a million stars, you step back from the box to take it in, breathe and instantly close your eye around it again.

The next part after amazement is curiosity……. and it is not difficult to suppress, two of the veneered sides open on hidden hinges to reveal the illusion of the magic box of hidden mirrors.  The perspex pieces steal the light around them and transport them via your vision into the amazing cube akin to the hall of funfair mirrors, the minute you peer into that hole you are lost in the light bouncing millions of times unable to escape the trapping of ones naked eye.

What is amazing to me is that once seen and placed back on its pedestal, you cant help but look back and know that without your naked eye the light still floods into the cube and the universe is forever infinite…….. well until the sunsets, or the lights go out, then it once again becomes only the balanced box of wonder.


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