To curate or not to curate?

everything & nothing

everything & nothing



everything & nothing

everything & nothing


I have chosen three different ways in which i would display this piece in a gallery setting, all because i think that any of the three ways shown above would make this piece of work look stunning.  It would stand on a white podium or display pillar on its purpose sliced corner, closed or open to show off the abilities it holds to draw you from across the gallery room.  it would be best suited in an empty space or individual room/display its appeal being that it is an interactive art piece almost an installation.  I think the placement of solidarity will speak the volumes it does not already sing and crucial to its appeal, below is the plaque in which would accompany the work in its gallery setting, it explains its presence without really having to say a word.



Everything and nothing, Emily Longhorn 2013.

wood veneer, acrylic and mirror.

the world is still evolving, we search for answers in a time and space which holds none.  This is not unique in the way of providing one with answers, nor does it pretend too, but if you carefully place the cube between your fingers and rest your iris on the small hole that pierces the slice on which i stand you will see that infinity is something that is real the one true constant, the thing we will all experience yet fall by the wayside of eventually.

Please handle the universe with care.


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