City of culture?



so the bid goes to hull…..can’t help but think that we are given this opportunity to shut us up, to regenerate faith, to drop the facade of dockers wives and prove with one art gallery and swish looking shopping centre we can be amongst our northern peers and drip feed culture into the “other” two thirds of our city. 

The panel where gifted a video of hull and where taken by the apartment “hull ness” that seeped the bid team and penetrated the cervical nerve of the bid givers…….obviously hypnotising, our accent, urban dialogue speciality. 

Im kind of mixed hearted regarding this thing, this hype, as I’ve lived here all my life, come to except and not notice like a car air freshener the architecture, cultural development in the fruit market and the beautiful hull history centre.  I suppose I’ve become numb to our assets and relied on our recent premiership promotion and the bridge to see us right. 

Im going to returneth my memories, knowledge and history into making this foundations for a bright hull future! 


One thought on “City of culture?

  1. Tom Conoboy says:

    After a time, you do come to take your home place a bit for granted and fail to see what’s around you.

    I recently returned to my home time for the first time in a few years. It’s been a long, long time since I lived there and I was glad to escape. I had this image of it in my head, the ugly, squat, stone architecture, as hard of facade as the people themselves. I allowed my thoughts about the place to affect my memory of it. Going back now, I was able to see the architecture for what it was and admire the beauty of the place.

    It’s good for Hull, this recognition. As an outsider, it seems to me that Hull folks are very confident among themselves but not so much when they’re away and out of their comfort zones. In Hull, they know how good the place is, but they’re not great at telling everyone else about it. Look at the poetry of the city: everyone goes on about Larkin, but it’s not just him. There’s Andrew Marvell. Andrew Motion has connections with the city. Douglas Dunn. Christopher Reid (recent Costa book of the year winner).

    What I really hope is that they concentrate on the real Hull. In particular they should focus on its maritime and fishing history. That is what made the city what it is. Its entire culture is built around those industries.

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