The latter of the 1980’s saw the uprising of the Guerilla Girls. The political, illicit art steam train that drew to light the consensus of a nation on the turn of a modern thinking, decision making planet earth.

The art works where general, site specific, anonymous, informative and with a “robin hood” vigilante style that would highlight racism, sexism, feminism, politics, war and popular culture.  Contre to popular belief illicit art works do not have to be that of a graffiti artist branding faciors with a can of neon paint!  works are often a lighthearted, fun and almost always different way for an artist to express themselves without the limelight of conventional curation.

That being said there is always room for the activist, the unconventional, and the macarbre to express themselves under the blanket of annominity, to give their food for thought without speculation and or judgement.  I have in the past saught to give hull the experience of some illicit intervention, i have held talks in the past with Andy P a local artist and member of KAG (, surrounding the possibilites of staging some stiring guerilla artworks in the cultural quarter of the hull city centre being that of the old fruit market and the venue of choice for the annual music and arts festival HUMBER STREET SESH (

I beleive in this platform as the opportunity for me to leave my message a little bit more openly with the view to being understood in various ways by a diverse audience, to not gauge reaction, to not seek recognition, but just to express myself in the only way i know how…… with honesty and purpose.



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