HSAD visiting lecture series.




A unique and beautiful take on that artists old chestnut of mark making processess.  The use of desktop software to produce drawings is not entirely a new concept, yet Brians is fresh, contempoary and extreamlly intruging all the same.

There are an abundace of documented works on various multimedia sites, in which you can be awed with the volume and enthusisum of this quick witted and culturally balenced individual.  The drawings reminded me of my interest in modernist art works and the works of the 1950’s, linear, repitition and pattern.  I enjoyed this lecture and was intrigued to dig further into the work of this interesting human, on the finding of his website i was suprised at how right my intuition was about the kind of person mr Gilson projects.

There is considerable community based works, evident in the form of landcape and gardening projects, there is an air of fathership, of consideration and also links to his artworks and the way he expresses himself through other mediums, mixed ideas, developments and creations, its worth the time i takes to ponder his uses of time, for himself and that of others.




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